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Asian Festival will not be a success without your generous support. Asian Festival Corp is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Your generous donation is much appreciated.

Organization sponsorship

Organizations could support Asian Festival by being a sponsor in one of the following categories. Or purchase advertising space in our program book distributed to festival visitors.

Our Sponsors

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Vendors & performers

If you are interested in applying to be part of Asian Festival, please select one below for instructions of downloading application guidelines and forms:

Asian Festival Gala
Asian Food
Asian Games
Career Fair
Children's Area
Community Square
Culture Exhibits
Dragon Boat
Health Pavilion
Market Place
Martial Arts

Calling all volunteers!!!

The success of Asian Festival relies on the numerous hours our volunteers put in. Please join us today in just two simple steps:

Here is a list of volunteer positions
Click on each title to read position details.

Asian Games
Organize teams; Prepare area; Keep equipment ready; Make water available to players
Children’s Activities
Prepare area; Keep equipment ready; Teach or assist teachers
Clean Up
Pick –up trash and debris before during and after festival; clean area
Cultural Display
Prepare area; Gather pertinent materials for cultural display, Set-up cultural booth; staff booth; teardown booth at the end of the festival; Return borrowed items
Decoration (Banners, etc.)
Prepare area; Hang banners and signs; Take down banners and signs
Food Court
Prepare area; Assist Food Committee Chair
General Assistance
Prepare area; Assist Committee Chairs or their designee as needed
Prepare area; Relay messages, Carry equipment or any item where needed
Health Fair
Prepare area; Help with set-up and teardown; Act as guides
Prepare area; Set-up booth; Tear-down booth; Staff booth during festival; Must be familiar with overall layout to be able to provide directions; Information source for festival attendees
Act as guides and interpreters; Must be proficient in another language other than English
Martial Arts
Prepare area; Assist Martial Arts Committee Chair as needed including set-up and teardown
Master of Ceremonies
Learn entertainment entries and announces numbers during festival
Prepare area; Organize participants; Make sure participants are familiar and follow parade routes
Set-Up (Friday)
Prepare area; Set-up booths; Arrange chairs and tables; Put-up signs, etc.
Stage Managers
Prepare stage area before every performance; Make sure stage is free of debris; Directs performers for proper and timely entries and exit; Get pertinent music CD and props ready for performance
Prepare survey materials; Conduct survey during festival; Collate and Summarize survey statistics
Remove signs, banners and booth at the end of the festival
Traffic and Parking
Prepare parking areas; Direct traffic
Volunteer Check in
Prepare area; Organize volunteers; Check-in volunteers and provide brief orientation

Please visit our activities page to learn more about each activity.